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Your Superpower.

In a world where authenticity is becoming increasingly elusive, with perfectly crafted images standing in the place of reality, our whole lives running on what we see on tiny screens, it is imperative that you not only stay true to yourself, but that you stay your true self. In a world where everyone is trying to be something, the best thing you could ever be is yourself, your true self, with all your flaws and weaknesses and rough edges. Who you are, in the truest, purest and rawest form is of tremendous value to the world, value that cannot be sourced anywhere else. The fact that there you are the only you is testament to that. You are a perfectly fitting piece and a vital part of God’s plan. There is only one of you. And had God thought that your being unique was not important, He would have easily made more of you. Instead, He made one you as if to signify that what you possess, nobody else does, that nobody else could bring to the table what you do. And that is your superpower: that no one can be you. You are a unique entity in this world, made with a combination of traits specific to only you. That in itself is a strength no one else can boast. So use it. Teach yourself to use it. And as tempting as it might be to try and become exactly like those who inspire you, you will always be second best if that is the path you choose to tread. Forget being the next something something, learn how to be the only you. Learn who you are, learn what makes you you. Find and create spaces that allow you to be your authentic self. That is where the magic lies. Be you always, in the rawest, purest, rough around the edges form no matter what anyone says. Wear yourself everywhere you go. It’s your superpower. You are special. You are magic.

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