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Revel in the chaos

As we grow older, I think that it is important to remember that we can never fully figure this life thing out. The basic phenomenon of life itself is pure chaos. There is never going to be a point at which everything is as it should be, at which everything is in place. When you fix something, two more things break. It’s the rule of life.

But I think that it is even more imperative to remember that that is okay. It’s okay that you do not have everything it all figured out, that you do not yet know how to do some things, that there is yet another thing that you must fix. The happiest people in the world, those whose lives we envy, those who seem to have it all together are not without their fair share of troubles. But they have understood that a trouble-free life is unattainable, that life is insatiable, that there is always going to be more, and that there is always going to be one more thing to fix.

And so just like them, you too cannot wait around for everything to fall into place before truly living. You will wait around forever. It is a chaotic life. You ought to learn to revel in the chaos. You take the few moments of euphoria and live them out to the fullest. You take the small wins, the seemingly insignificant ones and celebrate them as though it were only they that mattered in the world. You stop and smell even if it is only the one rose that is in your path; you rub its petals between your fingers and let them remind you that this is what growth looks like, what it feels like. You bask in the sun and feel the rays bash against your skin, each being a reminder that you are here now, in this very moment, that you exist and that is a good enough start. You laugh at the silliest things until you are gasping for air. Sometimes, many times, you will fall. You take a deep breath… and go again. You live within this storm. You learn by learning to ride the waves; you cannot wait for the storm it to calm down. What if it never does? You live within all this chaos. You revel in the chaos.

Also, in this insatiable life, learn to be satisfiable. A lot of people go through searching, stuck in a cycle of chasing and never finding because they have not learnt when to be satisfied. One catch is just the beginning of another chase. There is always going to be more to desire. So define your ENOUGH. Learn to be content, to be satisfied. One half of the people are trying to keep the glass from emptying and the other is trying to fill it. But does it really matter whether the glass is half empty or half full? There is water in the glass right now. Perhaps for now that is enough.

Maybe that is what it means to figure this life thing out. To learn to revel within all this chaos. To learn to be content. Perhaps you have everything if you have these two.

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