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Notes to my younger self.

It is often incredibly difficult to see whether or not you are moving if you so focused on where you are and where you are headed without considering where you came from. And I think the inability to do so often robs most of us of the opportunity to celebrate ourselves, to feel accomplished. But I recently discovered that a great way to realize how much progress you are making is to look back on your path ever so often, see how much ground you have covered, how different you are now from a while back. And for me, being me, there isn’t a better way to do so save to write a letter to my younger self, tell him how different everything is now, what he could do better.

Now, this would have stayed locked up in the vault that is my journal. But I realized the other day how great it would be to give everyone the opportunity to celebrate themselves, to trace their own progress; the opportunity to tell their stories because what they would tell their younger selves could be something somebody else needs to hear right now.

So with all that in mind, I asked everyone to send in what they would their younger selves and this is what they said:

“Do a lot of the things that I actually like, and not care whether it’s pleasing to others or not.”

-N. M-

So how do I do this? Hey you, you're probably doing much better now. finally gotten that stability and breath of fresh air from everything that used to weigh you down. I bet those sleepless nights have eased up and you don't really cry yourself to sleep. how did it feel to graduate? that journey was a mad roller coaster. you fell in love then out of love, gave your heart to the wrong people, made bad choices and even lost a couple of 'friends' along the way. But all that was to help you become the you that you are today. Never be about the drama no matter the temptations, STAY AWAY FROM IT. You're such an amazing person, you always have been. stick with that lol. I bet now you're more confident than you have ever been, yeah? I love you so much and I'm proud of you and everything you have and will furthermore achieve. Sincerely,

21-year-old YOU.

P.S: take the risk. It will help you.

❤️ Love yours.”

-I. K-

“1. Always remember the times you made it when you thought you wouldn’t.

2. God never let’s you go through what you can’t handle.”

-K. B-

“Don't be lazy and seize every opportunity that comes your way.”

-S. M-

“Don't take life too seriously. Enjoy the current moment and never be afraid to try new things.”

-M. S-

“I’d tell my younger self to always hold himself to a high standard in everything he does. Everything that takes up his time must be done with intent because if not, it’s a waste of time.”

-R. H-

Death and pain won’t change your destiny; only you can.”

-J. S-

“Dear me,

Be patient, understand that everything happens at its own time. Don’t let other people put you through unnecessary pressure. You’re doing fine for your age. Please devote your time to really know yourself, you won’t waste a lot of time trying to be like other people and doing things that don’t work for you.

Sometimes you just need to walk through the pain, then go above it. Don’t let it get to you. Don’t let those experiences bitter you. Grow beyond it, learn from it, smile more and move forward. Life is so much beautiful when you don’t focus on those ugly experiences.”

-N. K-

“Relationship: Never try to get to love someone if that don't come naturally, it's a share waste of time

In life: Accept the path you've been put on and work with it to achieve rather than worrying why you've been put on a path away from what you'd prefer. That way, you avoid emotional stress and gain good momentum in whatever it is you are pursuing.”

-N. N-

“Be kinder to yourself and be patient with yourself. Learn to live your life in the present moment. Worrying about not being at the same pace as your peers only robs your current joy. (Also, your peers are older than you mama💀for a child you're doing great please).

-M. K-

“I would tell my younger self to focus on making myself more skilled and industrious and also to be more confident.’’

-I. E. M-

“You are good enough. Stop trying to fit in and stop feeling left out”.

-B. B-

“Dear younger me, most things get easier with time so don’t be so hard on yourself.”

-M. E. D-

“Question everything you are told. Don’t follow blindly.”


“Call your parents every day. The “out of site out of mind” works both ways on some days.”

-B. N-

“What you are going through is just a phase what is yet to come you won’t even comprehend 🙏God is faithful. "

-M. S-

“Listen Bee, you see, these days these days are never coming back. Accept life as it is and always be ready to move on. And always be happy life is short 😁”

-B. S-

" Hey, kid,

You aren't lagging behind. You aren't too late. You are right on time. Stop wanting things to happen so quickly. Breathe. You are doing just fine. And most importantly, be kind to yourself. Life is alrealdy so harsh on yourself. So please be kind to yourself. You are delicate"


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