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My peace. Your peace.

I’ve been writing ever since my 5-year-old fingers could fiddle a pen. I realized very early on that I was a bad talker, and if I were to properly express myself, I’d have to write my way through life. And I did. But writing had always just been writing to me- never intentional nor purposeful. All that changed last year with the birth of Unscripted. I write this blog because I just… want to, because I love to do so. Writing for me is an escape. It’s this little bubble in which I can be anything and anyone, a place to which I run when this life all gets too much for me. Writing is my peace because I choose it.

And I think that it is imperative for all of us to find things that we just love to do, things that are fully our choice, those that we are under no obligation to do, those that bring us peace. Because, see, a large portion of our adult lives will be spent doing things that are more of a necessity than a choice, things that we do not even like. Life will make a lot of choices for us. It will dictate to us, and we will have no choice but to write it all down. Do that long enough and it will run you dry.

And so you will need an escape, a bubble to run to and get away from all the chaos, a bubble in which you too get to dictate to life, a bubble in which you get to choose. A bubble of peace. We all find our peace somewhere, in something. For some of us, peace is a pencil and a pad. For others, peace is in a ball at their feet or in their hands. Others find peace in kitchens, others in make-up kits, others in lyrics and beats… everyone has their peace somewhere.

Wherever your peace is, I genuinely do hope that you find it and spend loads of time there. A lot of people are walking around with raging wars on the inside. I’d hate that for you, kid. Find your peace. Choose your peace.

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