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Photo by NO NAME from Pexels

And maybe God saw it fit that we should not be able to see beyond the horizon to sit as a constant reminder of just how limited our power is, a reminder that no matter how clear your vision is, you can only see so far, a reminder that what is beyond the horizon is not necessarily yours to worry about right now. Maybe God saw it fit that the horizon be perhaps the most beautiful part of the sky, shooting glimpses and bits of all the beauty that lies beyond it into what would otherwise be a bleak sky, to be a reminder that just because you can’t see beyond this point does not mean that what lies ahead is not amazing, that what you can see is not all that is there, that what lies ahead could just be much better than you could ever fathom or imagine. Maybe God saw it fit that no matter how close we try to get to the horizon, it only seems to go further and further back to serve as a reminder that there is always going to be more, that we will always want to have, to be and to see more, that no matter how far we go, there is always going to seemingly be more ahead, a reminder that unless we learn to be satisfied at a certain point, we will keep chasing and chasing and never have enough. And maybe God saw it fit to create a horizon…just because He wanted to create a horizon, and maybe I’m overthinking all this. Either way, what a beautiful horizon God created.

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