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And Kid...

And kid? Do not let them convince you that love is dead. Love is alive and well. There exists a love, a real love, for you out there. A love so real that it spontaneously wraps around you like a quilt on a winter night so that its warmth becomes synonymous with your skin. A love so real that it vacuums out all your fears and doubts, breathing certainty into the air around you. A love so real that even though it realizes how messy, how flawed, how imperfect you are, it loves you all the same anyway. A love so real that it patiently listens to you as though your voice were a symphony and it your audience, as though your words were melodic cords; a love that listens to comprehend and not to clap back. A love so real that even though it is a constant presence, manifesting itself in every part of your life, it does not suffocate nor wear you out. A love so real that it gives you room for and facilities your growth, allowing you to learn, to evolve, to change, to be different, to be a different person; one that understands that what you are today may not be what you want to be tomorrow, and what you want today may not be what you want tomorrow; a love ready to cherish every version of you until you are your true self. A love that does not hoard you for itself because it fathoms how valuable your light is to the world, so it permits you to shine. A love real enough to challenge you, one that accepts you for everything you are, but pushes you to be better, to be the best version of yourself. That love exists. Love exists. Love is all around you. But you ought to learn to look in the right places. You must rid yourself of the notion that it is only found in romantic relationships. Love is in the friendships you build. It’s in your siblings, in your parents…in you…love is… love was nailed to the Cross for you and still lives for you. You are loved, kid. You are adored. There is love all around you. Do not let them tell you any different.

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