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A Full Life.

My hope for you is that you live; that you live a full life. A life with all the gut-wrenching, painful moments, and the heart-filling great times; a life with the excruciatingly sluggish periods, periods in which it feels as though progress is but a mere word with no true meaning, in which you feel stultified by stagnation; and the periods in which it all goes by too quickly, periods in which it feels as though there wasn’t enough time to savor the moment. I hope that you live an intentional life, one in which you are not a bystander watching it all go by, being tossed up and about by the winds, but are instead actively directing every step, every turn; that you may learn to dictate to life as opposed to always writing down what it tells you to, that you may learn to give to life and not just take whatever you are handed. I hope that you live a present life, a life in which there is never a moment that you do not fully take in, in which you deem every second precious, for once it is gone, it never comes back. I hope that you do not give into the temptation to stifle emotion, that you may live your life feeling everything as it comes, that you may laugh when it’s funny, be ecstatic when it goes your way, and cry when it hurts. I hope that you learn to find joy in the most mundane things in life, that you may learn to see the beauty of an alluring sunset, to find peace in a full moon, serenity in the calmness of nature, and comfort in the eyes of those you love. I hope that you learn to cherish every step of the journey with all its twists and turns, all its ups and downs. I hope that you live, that you live fully and wholly. Because you get you get one shot at this life thing. ONE. And before you know it, it’s all gone. What would you like the moon and the stars to remember about you? What tales would you like the sun to tell about you?

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