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Jump, kid… jump. For you learn nothing more of what lies at the bottom of the cliff by just looking over the edge. Nor do your possibilities grow any greater when you wait around, letting uncertainty stop you. You might land on pastures greener… or on your face. But will you ever know what awaits you if you do not jump, if you do not at least try? You miss every shot you do not take; and the answer is always "No" to all the questions you do not ask.

It is a life of risks. And the rewards are reserved for those who do it despite the fear, for those who embrace uncertainty, for those who need not know what lies at the bottom of the cliff before leaping, for those who are willing to be uncomfortable, to hold onto thin air for support, for those who dare to dream beyond fear, beyond uncertainty, beyond doubt, for those who take chances.

Certainty is elusive. Bar birth and death, everything is only a 50-50 probability. And if we wait to be certain, we may never do anything at all. Tell me, do you suppose it is a life well lived if all you have at 70 is a bunch “could haves", "should haves" and so closes”?

There’s no such thing as “lucky people”. Luck yields herself unto those who decide to try in the first place. Life neither works for nor against anyone. It is the same to everyone. Chance and opportunity happen to us all. The brave jump to it. The timid await certainty. We all get a shot, big and small. The trouble is that “opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared.”

So learn to jump despite the fear, despite the uncertainty of it all. Take the risk. Go for the very thing that petrifies you. If you are afraid, do it scared anyway. Your soul harbors wings that will never be deployed if you do not ever jump. And if you do indeed land on your face, at least you will have a story to tell. Regrets of chances never taken do not make for good tales. Jump, kid. Jump.

“Düşmem ben. Kanatlarım var ruhumda.”

I can’t fall. I have wings in my soul.

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